The Divining

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With the growing commercialism of metal and the MTV buzzword that's become "hardcore", many look upon the current state of heavy music with disappointment and disgust... and who can blame them? Breakdown focused song writing, image focused bands, and the fact that what has been a long time scene for many has now become a market and fad for others.

THE DIVINING come to you from Philadelphia, PA--a notorious and historic city in the world of underground metal and hardcore--as a reaffirmation of faith, that there are still young bands out there that have stuck to their guns in this recent movement of metal and hardcore into pop culture. A movement which has left integrity behind on its corporate minded warpath.

Formed in early 2003, THE DIVINING bring to the table a refreshingly traditional style of European influenced thrash metal that remains uncorrupted by the hands of time. Showcasing influences by some of the classics, ranging from At the Gates to Pantera, THE DIVINING are sure to raise the eyebrows of any metal heads that cross their path.

In December 2004, THE DIVINING entered the studio to record their debut full-length, REPRISAL, for Philadelphia-based indie label, Dressed to Kill Records (USA). After a late-June '05 release of the album, the band set off to promote REPRISAL with a month-long, coast-to-coast, tour of the US along with a two-week tour of the east coast in January '06. In May 2006, original bassist Mike "Muff" Jenkins decided to leave the band in order to pursue a life and carreer outside of music. THE DIVINING were quickly joined by Erik Pendergraft on bass and then set off on another two-week tour with Jacksonville, FL's Lokyata.

REPRISAL delivers nine no-filler and to-point-tracks, from the whiplash inducing speed and brutality of "Thrown to the Wolves" and "Casualty" to the lead work in "Final March" sure to make you break out the air guitar and play along.

THE DIVINING have shared the stage with bands such as Bleeding Through, Caliban, Sworn Enemy, Himsa, Haste the Day, 3 Inches of Blood, Ion Dissonance, Death by Stereo, The Banner, Arsis, Ligeia, August Burns Red, Blacklisted, The Minor Times, and Cannae, as well as many others.